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Yamaha TTR 110 Top Speed

Yamaha TTR110

Yamaha TTR 110 is a Next level Bike that made for those Pass through after beginner Motorcycling. TTR Series that produced By Yamaha have various type according to its Engine Size.

There was Yamaha TTR 50 That made for kids/Beginner with small size and small engine too, then Yamaha TTR90, and TTR110 Comes after those two beginner bikes. Yamaha TTR 110 may fit for teens which is no longer kid but also isn't adult yet, it has fit dimension for those age range.

It's Not too big, but not too small too. Yamaha TTR110 Has 110cc 4-Stroke Engine, The transmission is 4 Speed gear and TTR110 got maximum torque @4000 RPM Also Maximum Horsepower @7500 RPM.

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Yamaha TTR110 Top Speed

TTR 110 Top speed Noted 44-45 MPH, But that's not the exact number that we can rely on. There are many factors that affect The performances and top speed. So, We're going to see Various result Of Yamaha TTR110 Top Speed In these Videos below.

Yamaha TTR 110 Top Speed
Yamaha TTR 110 Top Speed Test


2017 Yamaha TTR110 Top Speed

The first Top Speed Test was done by Bryan Richard in His YouTube Channel. He said that it's a 2017 Yamaha TTR110, In Stock condition (No improvement nor Modification) And he said his weight when testing is 165 lbs.

He got 46.8 MPH Top Speed, Measured with GPS in his palm. The comments section is kind of interesting. There is someone shared his experience that when his weight around 80 lbs, He can reach 53 MPH Top Speed. But now he's 102 lbs and the top speed is 48 MPH.

Another Stock mod Top Speed Test 2019 Yamaha TTR 110

This TTR110 Top speed test has result 48 mph. Done By MMFC YouTube Channel.

The 2019 Yamaha TTR110 looks good that we see the tester weight seems heavy enough but they can get through and reach 48 mph.

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