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PW50 Oil Mix Ratio - Yamaha PW50 Engine treatment

Yamaha PW50 Oil Mix Ratio

By looking in some dirt bike forums, there are some PW50 Oil Mix Ratio advice from some PW50 2 stroke owners. like 32:1, 40:1, 50:1 . every people has their own reason to do that..
So many people still have the rare dirt bike Yamaha PW50, but some of them still don't know the advanced treatment like oil mix ratio for Yamaha PW50 engine itself. actually there's no exact measurement for this because most Yamaha PW50 Owner got the oil mixture ratio by doing trials and errors, then experience is the best key to get this oil mix ratio For Yamaha PW 50.


Yamaha PW50
2008 Yamaha PW50

maybe you need to try the oil-gas mix ratio above one by one until you find the perfect Premix match of what you need for your Yamaha PW50.

Yamaha PW50 Engine Oil  Refill Video

There's a guy that named his YouTube Channel as Myke's Garage Showing the Oil refill of the Yamaha PW50 And talks about what kind of oil that he used.