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Yamaha PW50 Carburetor Removal

 Yamaha PW50 Carburetor Removal

  Yamaha PW50 Carburetor Removal is kind of Simple but PW50 Has such tiny body so maybe some people afraid to take some risks about parts removal 

Yamaha PW50 Carburetor Removal
Yamaha PW50 Carburetor Removal
literally there's no need to worry for real. this Yamaha PW50 Carburetor removal is easy peasy to do. let's work out! 

1. Take this screw off

2. Loosen the air intake screw on the backside is a little nut you're going to have to hold that so you don't lose it .don't take it right off just loosen it pretty good.

3. so to start take the cap off which has your slide right out. 

4. slide your needle and then the oil injection or the oil control for it 

5. take the little vacuum tube off here watch you don't lose that little middle clamp and make sure your fuels turned off

6. just give this a bit of shake back here was going to be your airbox so that'll probably be your hardest challenge is just messing around to get the airbox off 

7. And here it is your PW50 Carburetor is sucessfully taken off.

How's good? it's simple to do a Yamaha PW50 Carburetor removal right?