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Old Yamaha AG100 Enduro Multi Purpose

Yamaha AG100

The AG Code maybe means Agriculture. because AG100 Manufactured for rural purpose like farming or humanity aid which dealing with off road in the forest. This enduro bike Cored by 2 stroke 100cc, and the market of this AG100 was segmented in some countries only like in Australia, New Zealand, Africa and Latin America.

Old Yamaha AG100 Enduro Multi Purpose RED

Yamaha AG100 Specs

For the offroad use, Yamaha AG Has a Quite big Fuel capacity (For the bike in its class), it has 11 liters Fuel Capacity (2.4 imp gal; 2.9 US gal). Besides, The Fuel consumption is also economic based on the small size engine. In 1 Liter, Yamaha AG100 Can peak around 55.0 km far.

Old Yamaha AG100 Enduro Multi Purpose RED

Old Yamaha AG100 Enduro Multi Purpose RED

Even though it only has a small engine but it's quite fast to ride that it has 95 km/h Top speed. Compression ratio of the engine was 6.6:1 and 6.3 kw Power.

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Yamaha AG100 Speed Test

As i said Before, AG100 Can peak 95 km/h as the top speed. but is it really match between what manufacturer's claim with the reality? Let's Take a Look

That's all About Yamaha AG100, Hopefully the information is useful for you