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2010 Yamaha YZF-R6 Specification - R6 Specs


2010 Yamaha YZF-R6 Specification

2010 Yamaha YZF-R6 Specification - R6 Specs
2010 Yamaha YZF-R6 Specification - R6 Specs

Yamaha R6 Engine and Transmission

  •     Type: 599cc liquid-cooled inline 4-cylinder; DOHC, 16 titanium valves
  •     Bore x Stroke: 67.0 x 42.5mm
  •     Compression Ratio: 13.1:1
  •     Fuel Delivery: Fuel Injection with YCC-T and YCC-I
  •     Ignition: TCI: Transistor Controlled Ignition
  •     Transmission: 6-speed w/multiplate slipper clutch
  •     Primary Reduction Ratio: 85/41 (2.073)
  •     Secondary Reduction Ratio: 45/16 (2.813)
  •     Gear Ratio - 1st Gear 31/12 (2.583)
  •     Gear Ratio - 2nd Gear 32/16 (2.000)
  •     Gear Ratio - 3rd Gear 30/18 (1.667)
  •     Gear Ratio - 4th Gear 26/18 (1.444)
  •     Gear Ratio - 5th Gear 27/21 (1.286)
  •     Gear Ratio - 6th Gear 23/20 (1.150)
  •     Final Drive: Chain

Yamaha R6 Chassis And Dimensions

  •     Suspension/Front: 41mm inverted fork; 4-way adjustable, 4.7-in travel
  •     Suspension/Rear: Single shock; 4-way adjustable, 4.7-in travel
  •     Brakes/Front: Dual 310mm floating disc; radial-mount 4-piston calipers
  •     Brakes/Rear: 220mm disc; single-piston caliper
  •     Tires/Front: 120/70-ZR17
  •     Tires/Rear: 180/55-ZR17
  •     Length: 80.3 in
  •     Width: 27.6 in
  •     Height: 43.3 in
  •     Seat Height: 33.5 in
  •     Wheelbase: 54.3 in
  •     Rake (Caster Angle): 24°
  •     Trail: 3.8 in
  •     Oil Capacity (with oil filter change): 3.6 qt
  •     Fuel Capacity: 4.5 gal
  •     Fuel Economy: 40 mpg
  •     Wet Weight: 417 lb

2010 Yamaha YZF-R6 Begins with obligation to launch the YZF-R6 that is constantly looking for ways to differentiate the bike from the previous R6 Model both visually and technically, but we have to say that you shouldn't expect too many changes. But the fact is that Yamaha is already a 2009 Daytona 200 winner, so the Yamaha manufacturer is focusing on a few tweaks to make it even more special.

With the engine claimed to be "the most advanced 600cc production motorcycle ever built by Yamaha - or anyone else -" the R6 rider deserves the best performance achieved with innovative features.

And the fact is that the 599cc DOHC 16-valve four-cylinder engine, liquid-cooled, simple and fast titanium valve is mainly due to the bore and 67.0 x 42.5mm armatures, which translates to an implicitly satisfying compression ratio of 13.1: 1.

But is that enough to make Yamaha R6 an explosive supplier that riders are proud of? Of course not! The interesting part is the presence of systems such as the Yamaha Chip Controlled Intake (YCC-I) and the Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T), which transform the throttle response very well into a very wide power strip.

Yamaha's fly-by-wire throttle system also deals with riders barely throttle, and the exhaust is already coming out of the exhaust which is now 100mm longer, which he says has no impact on engine performance while significantly reducing exhaust. noisy and makes the new Yamaha R6 more acoustically relaxing on long journeys.

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