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Yamaha LT2/LT3 Specification

Yamaha LT2/LT3

The Yamaha LT2/LT3 Was one of the Yamaha 90 cc Dirt Bikes, And the first Production of this Bike was close enough With Yamaha HT1/HT2 In the very early 1970's. Yamaha LT2/LT3 Has 97 cc 2-Stroke Engine, That Produce Maximum Power 16 HP @ 10500 RPM.  

The Yamaha LT2 and LT3 are two models of lightweight, off-road motorcycles that were produced by Yamaha in the early 1970s. The LT2 was first introduced in 1972, and was followed by the LT3 in 1973. These bikes were designed to offer riders a fun and versatile way to explore off-road terrain, while also being suitable for everyday transportation.

The Yamaha LT2 and LT3 were both powered by two-stroke engines, which were known for their lightweight design and high performance capabilities. The LT2 was equipped with a 100cc engine, while the LT3 was slightly larger, with a 125cc engine. 

Both bikes featured air-cooled engines that were mated to five-speed transmissions, which allowed riders to easily shift gears and control their speed while riding off-road.
Yamaha LT2/LT3 Specification
Yamaha LT2/LT3 Specification

One of the notable features of the Yamaha LT2 and LT3 was their durable, lightweight construction. These bikes were designed to be easy to handle, with a low center of gravity and a comfortable riding position that allowed riders to easily maneuver over rough terrain. 

They were also equipped with sturdy suspension systems, which provided a smooth ride over bumps and uneven surfaces.

Another feature that made the Yamaha LT2 and LT3 popular among off-road riders was their versatility. These bikes could be ridden on a variety of terrain types, from dirt roads and trails to more technical, rocky terrain. They were also well-suited for urban riding, with their compact size and nimble handling making them easy to navigate through city streets.

Yamaha LT2/LT3 Specification

Yamaha LT2 and LT3 were only produced for a few years in the early 1970s, they remain popular among off-road enthusiasts and collectors today. 

Their lightweight design, high performance capabilities, and versatile handling make them a classic choice for riders who appreciate the thrill of exploring off-road terrain on two wheels.

And the detailed of the Yamaha LT2/LT3 Specification, Served in the Table Below.

Yamaha LT2/LT3 Specification

Year Production


Frame/Engine Prefix (XXX-000101)


Bore (mm)


Stroke (mm)


Capacity (cc)


Compression Ratio (to 1)


Bhp @ rpm

10 @ 7,500/16 @ 10,500

Torque (kgm) @ rpm

0.97 @ 7,000/

1.12 @ 9,500

Oil System


Engine Cooling


Carburetor (mm)


Ignition System


Ignition Timing (mm)


Primary drive gearing


Final Drive Gearing

49/14 / 52/14

Box Gearing first

3.18 / 2,83

Box Gearing second

2.0 / 1.88

Box Gearing third


Box Gearing fourth

1.0 / 1.09

Box Gearing fifth

0.8 / 0.96

Box Gearing sixth


Fuel Cap. (liters)


Engine Oil Cap. (liters)


Gearbox Oil Cap. (Liters)


Fork Oil Ca. (cc/leg)


Front Tire (stock)

2.75 X 18 / 2.75 X 19

Rear Tire (stock)

3.00 x 18

Front Brake


Rear Brake


Rear Suspension

Twin shock

Front Susp. Travel (mm)

Rear Susp. Travel (mm)

Rake (degrees)

Trail (mm)

Width (mm)


Ground Clearance (mm)


Wheelbase (mm)


Dry Weight (kg)



Yamaha LT2/LT3 Specification Purple

Yamaha LT2/LT3 Specification Purple

Yamaha LT2/LT3 Video

The Yamaha LT2 is a classic off-road motorcycle that was first introduced in 1972. In this video, we can see the bike in action as it navigates a variety of terrain types, from dirt trails to rocky paths. 

The rider demonstrates the bike's nimble handling and smooth suspension, as they effortlessly maneuver over bumps and uneven surfaces. The sound of the bike's two-stroke engine adds to the excitement of the ride, as it revs up and down in response to the rider's commands. 

We can also see the bike's lightweight construction, which makes it easy to handle and control. Overall, this video provides a great example of the Yamaha LT2's capabilities as a fun and versatile off-road machine, and showcases why it remains a popular choice among off-road riders and collectors today.

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