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1957 Yamaha YD-1 250CC

1957 Yamaha YD-1 250cc

Yamaha, Japan's youngest "Big Four" motorcycle manufacturer, didn't make the first two-wheeled vehicle until releasing a copy of the DKW RT125 in 1954 and calling it the YA-1.

This spider bike was a huge success. I easily won the first Cinder Track Hill Climb in the 125cc and 250cc classes held at Mount Asama in northern Tokyo. It was a defining moment for Yamaha.

1957 Yamaha YD-1 250CC
1957 Yamaha YD-1 250CC

However, Yamaha's rivals did not stop, so in 1957 Yamaha launched a new 250cc model based on the Adler MB250. The main difference between the new bikes is in the frame, which is a pressed steel copy of the German Adler mount frame.

Maybe that's not a good idea! The first racing versions of the Yamaha 250 YD1, seen at Mount Assalna in 1957 and at the Catalina America Grand Prix in 1958, have reverted to the original German cradle design.

This is a model born in the pursuit of design originality.

In its development too, advanced engineering design elements. With the keyword "250cc for Japanese", we adopted a compact and easy-to-ride body size that fits the Japanese physique. In addition, we have realized "dynamic design" which makes you feel strong dynamism in any situation.

It is also equipped with Yamaha's first 2 cylinder engine. In the Japanese market, where utility models were mainstream at the time, the YD-1 brought a new image of sports performance.

Yamaha was an early learner, and within a few years the twins left all traces of their origins and created a motorcycle dynasty.

The first is the YD2 electric start. Then came the first dedicated sports models, the YDS1 and YDS2 (the first models to be exported to Europe).

Yamaha YD-1 Specification

  • Manufacturer     Yamaha
  • Production     1957
  • Class     Naked
  • Engine     250cc Single Cylinder, 2 Stroke
  • Bore / Stroke     53.3mm x 53.3mm
  • Horsepower     15.02 HP (11.2 KW) @ 6000RPM
  • Torque     14.01 ft/lbs (19.0 Nm) @ 4000RPM
  • Transmission     Gear box: 4-Speed
  • Final Drive: Chain
  • Clutch: Wet multi-discs
  • Suspension     Front: Telescopic forks
  • Rear: Swing arm
  • Brakes     Front: Drum
  • Rear: Drum
  • Front Tire     2.50-16
  • Rear Tire     2.50-16
  • Length     76.18 inches (1935 mm)
  • Width     27.8 inches (706 mm)
  • Weight     140.0 kg (wet)
  • Recommended Oil     Yamalube 10w-40
  • Related     Yamaha YD-2

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