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Old Yamaha BW 80 Big wheel, Bike For Learners

Yamaha BW 80 Big wheel

BW80 was a mini bike which manufactured By Yamaha in the Old Years ago. there are plenty Yamaha Mini bikes but this BW80 is kind of unique because of its wheel looks fat with big tires, so it's going to be more handy than PW50/80 or BOP 50 FS1.

Old Yamaha BW 80 Big wheel

Not really much information about this Yamaha BW80, But i got a little stuff about it and some pictures of this BW For you.

Old Yamaha BW 80 Big wheel

Yamaha BW80 was produced in 1986 for the first time and it was ended in 1990. 80cc 2 stroke Engine was the core of this Tiny neat Bike, the big wheel aimed for riding on the sand like ATV used to.

Old Yamaha BW 80 Big wheel

And The Images of these Yamaha BW80 taken from AtenxKatros' Instagram, He was a good custom Builder from Indonesia. and this Yamaha BW80 is one of His Collection.