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Yamaha Dirt Bike 80cc

Yamaha Dirt Bike 80cc

Not only expert in Mid-Big Size Dirt bikes, Yamaha Also good in manufacturing the Small Size dirt bike. There are a lot of 50cc bikes that have been produced by Yamaha But Yamaha also has 80cc Dirt bikes which is means a little bit Bigger than The 50cc.

Yamaha 80cc Dirt bikes are :

Yamaha 80cc Dirtbikes 4-Stroke :
 Yamaha 80cc Dirt Bike 2 Stroke :

They have small size engine but not the smallest, and many people wonder How fast these Yamaha 80cc Can Go? What age these dirt bikes for? are they 2-Stroke or four stroke? etc.

Today we'll talk about them to find out are they the Yamaha 80cc Dirt bike that you looking for?

PW is quite popular mini dirt bike series from Yamaha Since Yamaha PW50 Went global and very popular for kids who want to learn Motorcycling. And maybe this Yamaha PW80 Was made for the "Next Level" After the kids feel enough with Yamaha PW50.
Yamaha PW80
Yamaha PW80 Dirt Bike

Yamaha PW80 Has 80cc Engine 2-Stroke. As long as this Bike is "The Next Level" of PW50, Yamaha PW80 Has 3-Speed Transmission that quite different with Yamaha PW50 Which has no Transmission.
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Yamaha YZ 80



Yamaha YZ85 Is quite good that it's come with more modern shape. YZ is also the famous Dirt bike Series that manufactured by Yamaha, and YZ85 is the smallest YZ Series that was made for beginner bikers especially for kids.
Yamaha YZ85
Yamaha YZ85 Mini Bike


Yamaha TDR80 is kind of mini supermoto bike. This bike is likely Tenere Series that Released by Yamaha. But it's the small sized version, probably.
Yamaha TDR80
Yamaha TDR80 Mini Bike

Even this is a mini dirt bike, But Yamaha TDR80 Equipped by Road legal accessories like headlight, Turning Lamp, tail light and also Mirrors that patched on each Handle bars.

This is quite unique bike, Yamaha BW80 Has a pair of big wheels In the front and rear. It's the Smaller BW Series than the Yamaha BW350.

Yamaha BW80
Yamaha BW80 Mini Bike

Yamaha DT80 Was a Enduro-Dirt bike with mini size engine. It has 80cc single cylinder 2-Stroke, Gains 6.66 HP Horsepower that will bring you into a powerful yet comfortable ride.

Even it has a Small displacement but Yamaha DT80 is Kind Of legit bike to ride. This bike is fit for next level beginner, If you have children and they're teens. There are a lot of 50cc bikes from Yamaha With small Size engine and body, they must have weight limit If your teen kids ride them, so This Yamaha 80cc Dirt bike is kind of fit for your kids.

Yamaha GT80 Has an engine of Single cylinder, 2-stroke 72cc air-cooled. Yamaha GT80 Can give around 4.90 HP Maximum (3.6 kW) @ 8000 RPM & Maximum Torque 6.10 Nm @ 7200 RPM . Yamaha GT 80 is used on Wet plate clutch. The 4-speed manual transmission has been added to the Yamaha GT80 B Motorcycle.

Yamaha GT80
Yamaha GT80

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