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Yamaha TTR125 Dirt bike

 Yamaha TTR125

TTR125 Was broke the domination of XR100 in early 2000. Yamaha Produced this Yamaha TTR125, a compact dirt bike that easy to ride even for beginner biker. Yamaha TTR125 Has 125 cc engine size 4-Stroke Single cylinder air cooled, 5 Speed transmission and it's durable enough to ride with its small body.

2019 Yamaha TT-R125

The Weight of this Yamaha TTR125 198 lbs, It's still okay that adult ride this Dirt bike but just make sure to check your weight before ride this Because TTR 125 has such Weight Limit. Its performance will decrease or you can break the chassis / Suspension stuff if your weight is head over this bike. 

Yamaha TTR125 Weight Limit is about 140 lbs , But some guys In forum also said that 150 lbs is allowed And Seat Height TTR 125 is about 30-32 Inch or around 800 mm

As the dirt bike, How fast does a TTR 125 go? Yamaha TTR125 Can't run really fast because it's not designed for speed but this Bike made for the sake of power and durability. Yamaha TTR125 Can run about 45-55 MPH.

Yamaha TTR125 Specification

TTR125 Was produced along 2000-now (2020) their production by years maybe got a bit change but the specification below is overall same To each year.

  • Model:    Yamaha TT-R125
  • Displacement:    124.0 ccm (7.57 cubic inches)
  • Engine type:    Single cylinder, four-stroke
  • Compression:    10.0:1
  • Bore x stroke:    54.0 x 54.0 mm (2.1 x 2.1 inches)
  • Valves per cylinder:    2
  • Fuel system:    Carburettor. Mikuni VM20
  • Fuel control:    Single Overhead Cams (SOHC)
  • Ignition:    CDI
  • Cooling system:    Air
  • Gearbox:    5-speed
  • Transmission type,
  • final drive:    Chain
  • Clutch:    Multiplate wet clutch


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Yamaha TTR125 Production By Years

As mentioned above, Yamaha TTR125 was always TTR125 which has 125cc Engine. But The Production Year by Year must have different changes in some parts.

2002 Yamaha TT-R125

In the first production, Yamaha TTR125 Has no Electric Starter Engine and The Front Brake using Drum Brake.

2002 Yamaha TT-R125
2002 Yamaha TT-R125 Custom Sticker

2002 Yamaha TT-R125
2002 Yamaha TT-R125

 2003 Yamaha TT-R125

2005 Yamaha TT-R125

2005 Yamaha TT-R125

2008 YAMAHA TT-R125

2008 YAMAHA TT-R125

2019 Yamaha TT-R125

2019 Yamaha TT-R125

Yamaha TTR125 Parts

These are Some Parts Of Yamaha TTR125 You May Need To Know.

Yamaha TTR125 Carburetor

 Yamaha TTR125 Using Carburetor which Produced By Mikuni with Code Serial VM-20 That means it has 20 mm Intake.

Yamaha TTR125 Exhaust

In the Community of TTR125 Rider, The exhaust of this dirt bike better replaced with The Aftermarket. Many People said That

  1. FMF Exhaust and
  2. Pro Circuit Exhaust

are two of Fine Yamaha TT-R125 Aftermarket Exhaust.

Yamaha TTR125 Plastics

Become an ordinary is boring, I get That. The anti-Mainstream people must be get boring with The stock plastic and decal after They have the Yamaha TTR125 in a few Years. But That's Alright Because There are so many options of Custom Plastic and Decal outside the to make your TTR125 Different And Exclusive.

Yamaha TTR125 , TTR125E, TTR125L, TTR125LE, TTR125LW

Yamaha TTR125 Has some variants. What's The Difference of :

Yamaha TTR125E

Yamaha TTR125L

Yamaha TTR125LE

Yamaha TTR125LW


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