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How Fast Does a Yamaha TTR 125 go

Yamaha TTR125 Specs

It was a small Dirt bike that produced by Yamaha. It's actually small but not as small as Yamaha TTR50, TTR90 Or TTR110. Yamaha TTR125 Comes With 125cc 4-Stroke engine, It fits for Teens or tweens who grown and begin to ride a motorbike.

The age of riders are Segmented by the Series of TTR. The very Beginner or Kids use TTR50 Or TTR90, Then for kids who grown enough around 8-13 years old will fit with Yamaha TTR110. After them all, TTR125 Made for those who still beginner but wants extra power of the bike tho.
How Fast Does a Yamaha TTR 125 go
How Fast Does a Yamaha TTR 125 go

Yamaha TTR 125 Weight Limit

The thing is Yamaha TTR125 Made for teens or older who has weight no more than 150 lbs. Most TTR125 Said that the ideal weight of the rider is around 140 lbs maximum. To check out the detail specification You can Go To This Link.

TTR125 Top speed

The top speed that can reached by Yamaha TTR125 is 40-45 mph. That's the noted data but in reality, it can be different. Because each condition of the bike can be the factor How fast does Yamaha TTR125 Go.

You can check this link to see some Yamaha TTR125 Speed Test Video.

How can i make my TTR 125 Faster

According to, We can apply following points to make Yamaha TTR125 Runs faster :

  •     get a new exhaust system from BBR.
  •     remove the airbox rubber snorkel.
  •     add a 14 tooth front sprocket.
  •     drill small holes in the exhaust opening and air filter.
  •     let it breath more with a high flow airbox or free flow muffler.

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