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Yamaha FZR250 Top Speed

Yamaha FZR250 is sport bike which is manufactured in the end of 1980 and it noted that FZR250 Top Speed is 180 Km/H (111 Mph). But that's just kind of The official/Manufacture data, There will be the different conditions and factors that may can give the different result of top speed number.

So i have two videos taken from YouTube of testing The Yamaha FZR250 Top Speed , so we have another preference than the manufacture data.

The First one is top Speed test of Yamaha FZR250 From Malaysia. Taken From Channel Green Retro Malaysia. From This video is shown That this Yamaha Sportbike can peak 186 KM/H Top Speed.

And The Second One is from Johninno 1993 YouTube Channel, there's no written number in here but we can see that it can peak about 180 KM/H in the speed meter.

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