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Yamaha TW200

Yamaha TW200

Since 1987, Yamaha has been producing and selling the Yamaha TW200, a dual-sport motorbike that has a single engine and 196 cc of displacement. Trail Way can also be abbreviated as TW. In 2001, an upgrade was implemented that did away with the kick start and switched out the front drum brake with a disc brake instead. 
TW200 has been termed a "two-wheeled quad" due to its huge tires, which have led some people to compare it to the two-wheel-drive Rokon.

Yamaha TW200
Yamaha TW200

In 1987, Shinji Kazama completed the journey to the North Pole atop a TW200.
Ultimate Motorcycling stated in their evaluation of the 2020 model that "the TW can take you practically everywhere" provided that the rider is patient and persistent.
The TW200's low seat, extra-wide tires, and four-stroke engine make it a distinctive, enjoyable dual purpose bike. This bike is perfect for beginners, veterans, campers, and city dwellers.
The TW's 196 cc, air-cooled, four-stroke single produces low- and mid-range power for off-roading or commuting.

Wide tires and an internal engine counterbalancer give smooth performance and style. Long, wide seats provide comfort while exploring, commuting, or having fun. 

Yamaha TW200 Review

Underpowered bike. 196cc single-cylinder engine. Under 200cc will have speed issues. TW200's strength is elsewhere. This bike is a mud-and-sand dragon.

Fat stock tires. It's a standout feature of this Yamaha TW200. Wide rear tires grip when others fail. These gripping shoes make up for the lack of a trail engine.

Small engine, lightweight motorcycle with big gripping tires... Enjoyable. This bike can do things a BMX can't. Bicycle stuck between logs? You can remove it with some muscle. With a larger bike, you'd need a friend's help.

The bike's flaw is clear. If you commute on freeways, avoid the TW200. It has no 6th gear, thus even at 65mph it won't be smooth.

The bike's gas tank is small. Yes, the small petrol tank reduces weight, but 1.8 liters is small. This engine sips gas, so you should get 150 miles per tank.

Yamaha TW200 Review Conclusion

 Most first-time riders will drop their bikes at least once. This can be painful if you buy something like the Kawasaki Ninja 300, which has beautiful plastic fairings. If you dropped that bike, it could do damage worth hundreds of dollars.

It's nothing out of the ordinary to drop the TW200. Not only is it a dirt bike made to handle falls, but it is also very light and easy to pick back up. This also makes it easier to move the bike when going slowly. In fact, this bike might be the BEST one to use for the motorcycle license test.

  • It's light, quick, and has wide tires.
  • Excellent for beginners
  • Outstanding for experienced riders

  • Not strong enough and no 6th gear
  • Small gas tank
Yamaha TW200 Custom/Modification
Here's Some ideas of Yamaha TW200 Modification. There are some custom bikes based on Yamaha TW200.




Yamaha TW200 Specs (Specification)

Here's the brief info about Yamaha TW200 Specification :

  • Engine     196cc air-cooled, SOHC, 2-valve
  • Power     -
  • Bore x Stroke   67.0mm x 55.7mm
  • Compression Ratio    9.5:1
  • Fuel System     Mikuni® 28mm
  • Starter     Electric
  • Lubrication   -
  • Clutch     Multiplate wet clutch
  • Transmission  Constant-mesh 5-speed
  • Final Drive     Chain
  • Suspension Front    Telescopic fork; 6.3-in travel
  • Suspension Rear     Single shock; 5.9-in travel
  • Brakes Front     Single disc, 220mm
  • Brakes Rear     Drum, 110mm
  • Tires Front     130/80-18
  • Tires Rear     180/80-14
  • Fuel Tank Capacity  1.8 gal
  • Color     Radical Gray
  • Ignition    CDI
  • Spark Plugs    
  • Headlight     LED
  • Tail Light     LED

  • Overall Length     82.3 in
  • Overall Width     32.3 in
  • Overall Height     44.1 in
  • Wheelbase     52.2 in
  • Ground Clearance     10.4 in
  • Seat Height     31.1 in
  • Wet Weight     278 lb

Yamaha TW200 Top Speed Test

Yamaha Manufacturer state that the Top Speed of Yamaha TW200 Is around 66-73 mph. But we should agree that the number of the top speed is not that valid, because Yamaha TW200 Top Speed can be different if it get into each riders. Here's one of the TW200 Top Speed test :

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