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Yamaha TW200 Bobber Chopper Modification

Yamaha TW200 Bobber

Nuts motorcycles that send out various custom machines to the world regardless of car models such as domestic and Harley. He is also known for creating artistic works, not only for custom production, but also as a pin stripper.

Yamaha TW200 Bobber Chopper Modification
Yamaha TW200 Bobber Chopper Modification

The one made based on the TW200 introduced this time is one that symbolizes the world view of such a nut motorcycle. First, the front is raked by a 15 ° triple tree, and the swing arm is 30 cm long. This gives you a machine dimension full of originality. In addition, BF Goodrich's four-wheel tires mounted on the rear, and one-off chain number stays, etc., have impacted parts choices everywhere.

At first glance, it looks like a custom machine with chopper-like elements all over, but I haven't forgotten to “run”, the basic element of a motorcycle. The intake / exhaust system is set up with a complicated one-off muffler and the FCR carburetor, which has a reputation for racing. Another point that can't be missed is the gimmick that the front brakes are applied at the same time when the rear brake is applied.

Around the front with a 15 ° neck and extended with a fork joint. The atmosphere is enlivened with brass plating. Choice of the rabbit handle pulled towards. Clutch, brake, switches, etc. are transplanted, so there is no waste.

The sports star tank is based on a purple flake color and draws pinstripes everywhere. It is a gorgeous and gorgeous gem. It is a powerful detail such as a swing arm with 30 cm long processing, a rear area with car tires, and chain processing.