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Yamaha AT1-MX 125 Specs - Vintage Motorcross Enduro


Yamaha AT1-MX 125 Specs

 Yamaha AT1-MX 125 Motorcross

The Yamaha AT1 In previous post is already explained that Yamaha AT Series also have another Variants beside the regular ones.

The M or MX Is stands for the Motorcross Purpose, and previously being said that Yamaha AT1-MX has some differences than the regular Yamaha AT-1 125 Enduro. The parts of regular AT-1 were stripped down like the Tires fit, Exhaust, Carburetor and etc.

Yamaha AT1-MX Has also increase the performance through the compression ratio that gain more Horsepower and it also losing the weight that Yamaha AT1-MX is way lighter to get a better entry level motorcross. But Even this bike is developing the performance, AT1-MX is still Less powerfull Than DKW's, Pentons and Bultacos.

Yamaha AT1-MX Has never beat their domination, and it's just Standing in 125cc level for one year and then fade away. Finally In 1974 Yamaha comeback with a better Motorcross, Yamaha YZ-125 That will be a big deal in its level.

Yamaha AT1-MX 125 Specification

Yamaha AT1-MX 125 Specification
Year 1969-1971
Bore   (mm) 56
Stroke   (mm) 50
Capacity   (cc) 123
Compression   Ratio (to 1) 08.00
Bhp @   rpm 18 @ 8,500
Torque   (kgm) @ rpm 1.57 @ 7,500
Oil   System Autolube
Engine   Cooling Air
Carburetor   (mm) VM26SH
Ignition   System Magneto
Ignition   Timing (mm) 02.00
Primary   drive gearing 03.09
Final   Drive Gearing 45/14 (45/15[1])
Box   Gearing first 3.18 (2.831)
Box   Gearing second 2.0 (1.88[2])
Box   Gearing third 1.37 (1,372)
Box   Gearing fourth 1.0 (1.092)
Box   Gearing fifth 0.8 (0.962)
Box   Gearing sixth -
Fuel   Cap. (liters) 7
Engine   Oil Cap. (liters) 01.23
Gearbox   Oil Cap. (Liters) 0.74 (0.762)
Fork   Oil Ca. (cc/leg) 160 (1501)
Front   Tire (stock) 3.00 x 18
Rear   Tire (stock) 3.25 x 18
Front   Brake Drum
Rear   Brake Drum
Rear   Suspension Twin shock
Front   Susp. Travel (mm) 145
Rear   Susp. Travel (mm) 110
Rake   (degrees) 29.05.00
Trail   (mm)
Width   (mm) 909
Ground   Clearance (mm) 225
Wheelbase   (mm) 1,285
Dry   Weight (kg) 91

Yamaha AT-1 MX 125 Video

Yamaha AT1-MX 125 Pictures

Yamaha AT1-MX 125 Specs

Yamaha AT1-MX 125 Specs

Yamaha AT1-MX 125 Specs

Yamaha AT1-MX 125 Specs

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