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Yamaha 600cc Bikes List

Yamaha 600cc Bikes

Yamaha 600cc Bikes are loved by so many people, Because 600 cc Bikes have middleweighted Engine Size That may easier to handle than the bigger Engine bikes like 1000cc or above that probably good for those who just step into the next level after using beginner bikes.

Beside, Yamaha is a trusted motorcycle or motorbike manufacturer since 60's so People have no doubt about the best build quality of  Yamaha 600 cc Bikes.

Yamaha 600cc Bikes List

There a a few numbers of 600cc Bikes that were produced By Yamaha from the old ones into the new ones. Here them go as mentioned below :

Yamaha XJ600 Are quite big and have some variants. But before we talk further about it, Yamaha XJ600 Has 600cc Engine 4-Stroke DOHC With 6 Speed Transmission. XJ600 was built during 1984 to 1991 until it settle and replaced by its Successor, Yamaha  Diversion/SECA II.
Yamaha XJ600 Pre Diversion
Yamaha XJ600 Pre Diversion

Yamaha XJ600 SECA Diversion
Yamaha XJ600 SECA Diversion

FZ600 is kind of 4-Stroke Sport bike that is produced by Yamaha along 1986-1988, And Later the FZ600 replaced by Yamaha FZR600 from 1989-1999. FZ 600 Called the Racer Replica that its engine derived closely with Yamaha XJ600 Used to. The four cylinder engine also assist by each Mikuni BS-30 Carburetor.
Yamaha FZ600
Yamaha FZ600


Yamaha FZR600

As mentioned previously, Yamaha FZR 600 is the FZ600's Successor. FZR600 was developed to get the advance look and performance than the previous FZ600, the engine, Frame, Body and etc. From the Look, we can clearly see that Yamaha FZR600 Has squared headlamp that fit in into the fairing and Yamaha FZ600 Has two round lamps in the fairing.
Yamaha FZR600
Yamaha FZR600 Genesis


The Yamaha FZR 600 R is a Yamaha sport bike which is manufactured and sold since 1995, the dry weight is 185.0 kg (407.9 pounds) and equipped with a four-stroke engine inline. Maximum engine power is 98.00 hp. (71.5 kW) at 11,500 rpm and maximum torque of 65.70 Nm (6.7 kgf or 48.5 ft.lbs) at 9500 rpm. 

Yamaha FZR 600 R
Yamaha FZR 600 R

Now we moved into an adventure Bike Or off road, XT600. But Yamaha XT600 is actually multi purpose that it's not only good for dirtbiking, but it runs well on the street too. Yamaha XT600 was made from 1984-2003, It's four stroke with 600 cc Size Engine.
Yamaha XT600

TTR600 Was a dirtbike that is made by Yamaha. TTR Has various variants depends on the engine Size From TTR50, 110, 15, TTR230, 250 And this 600 is the largest engine size in TTR Bike Variant.
Yamaha TT600R

TTR Has close relationship with Yamaha XT. They're both Dirtbikes, TTR Bike adopt some engine and some specification stuff from Yamaha XT. TTTR600 or TT600R was made for those need the endurance and well Powerful performance of dirt biking.

Grizzly was kind of All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Or four wheeler. Luckily it has 600cc Engine Size that going to serve you the powerful riding experience to beat Off-Road track. There are a few number of Yamaha ATV Series But i Think This Yamaha Grizzly 600 was the best ATV in 600cc.
Yamaha Grizzly 600 ATV
Yamaha Grizzly 600 ATV four wheeler

Yamaha SRX600 Comes to compete the 600cc bikes from other manufacturers, That in the 80's was the gold era for 600cc bikes. SRX Has 250cc Variant, and of course this SRX600 is way more powerful. Also SRX is the next gen of Yamaha SR Series, it comes with a few numbers of development and advanced specification to serve the best experience for 600cc bike fans.
Yamaha SRX600


YZF600R Is kind of first sportbike from Yamaha that Leaves the old design of 80's sportbike, that it comes with more luxurious bodyworks. The old Yamaha Sportbikes always come with squared and sharp-edged body, And this Yamaha YZF600R begins the new and modern sportbike era. 
1995 YAMAHA YZF600R Black

YZF600R Has two versions, The firs one is the first generation and then the second one is the next gen with some developments that is also called Yamaha YZF600R Thundercat. This YZF600R maybe become the ancestor before Yamaha YZF-R6.

Yamaha R6 Was the latest model of Yamaha Sportbike in 600cc. It's always developed years by years that is begin in 1998 until 2020. 2020 model was the last Yamaha R6 that was ever produced and then now it's discontinued but sill Yamaha YZF-R6 Become one of the best 600cc Sport bike in this Planet.

Yamaha YZF-R6
First Gen Yamaha YZF-R6

FAQ About Yamaha 600cc Bikes

Why The Yamaha R6 is The Best 600cc Motorcycle?

Below 7000 rpm, the Yamaha R6 is a fairly gentle ride. That's as a result of its powerful, fast-moving sport engine. The engine has plenty of power despite appearing to be smaller than the R1 at first glance. The R6 produces a whopping 117 horsepower at 14,500 rpm and has an astounding redline of 16,500 rpm.

How Fast Does a 600cc Yamaha XT Motorcycle Go?

The Yamaha XT 600 E top speed is 146.0 km/h (90.7 mph).

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