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Yamaha TTR 50 Oil Type

Yamaha TTR 50 Oil Type

To Get to Know Yamaha TTR50 Oil type, The basic idea of putting the right Oil Type is the Maintenance. The engine is contains of a lot of metal parts which contacted regularly and the temperature is quite high inside.
Yamaha TTR 50 Oil Type
Yamaha TTR50 Oil Type

If we don't use the right oil type for the motorcycle, Maybe something bad happened. especially for Yamaha TTR50

TTR50 Maintenance

Because Yamaha TTR 50 Is kind of different with Standard Motorcycle, it means that we have to comprehend Yamaha TTR50 For More. It's a Mini bike that TTR 50 Maintenance and treatment can't be done like the common motorcycle.

Like the Oil Type, It must be different because Yamaha TTR 50 Has small engine. Thanksfully It's not Like Yamaha PW 50 That using Shaft for the drive end that TTR 50 has chain for final drive and it Doesn't need Oil for transmission, grease or etc.

Best Oil For TTR50 Yamaha Mini Dirt bike  

In the first page of google when i'm start searching the Yamaha TTR50 Oil Type, There was a Snippet From BBR Motorsport which is showing the table of TTR50 Specification, also the Oil Capacity and Oil Type for Yamaha TTR 50. It's Written 1.06 US Quart / 20W-40 (above 41° F).

The data must be taken from the TTR50 User manual. But what if the mentioned oil type doesn't exist and what's the alternative for Yamaha TTR50 Oil change? 

Maybe this discussion Of Yamaha TTR50 Oil Type in Thumpertalk will help you solve the problem.

Yamaha TTR50 Oil Change Tutorial

This following Video hopefully can help you to change Yamaha TTR 50 Oil by Yourself.

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