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Yamaha DT125 Specification

Yamaha DT125 Specification

Yamaha DT125 Series' first motorcycle launched in 1974 is the DT125A and is still sold in some markets. The last time the United States won the DT125H was in 1981.

At launch, DT125 is equipped with single-cylinder cooling, 2-time engines, iron frames, typically front retable for iron frames and double-effect rear suspensions and front and drum brakes. Over the years, the model has been updated and re-specified dates and specifications among many different markets. 

1978 Yamaha DT125
1978 Yamaha DT125 Yellow

The changes included the arrival of a unique shock absorber in 1977, the short-term treasure known as singing the cross or MX, characterized by the arrival of other small and medium-sized cars. In 1983, Yamaha DT125 was a vital regeneration and received a fluid engine for DT125LC 1985, the brake upgrade power to 12v becomes a disc and the speed increased after the suspension was installed, introducing another DT125LC mk3 for us in 1987. 

ModelYamaha DT125
Engine123 cc air-cooled/liquid cooled, Single, two-stroke, Reed valve
Top speed110 km/h (68 mph)
Power12.92 kW (17.33 hp) @ 7,000 rpm
Transmissionmanual 6-speed (1974 is a 5-speed)
SuspensionFront: Telescopic fork
Rear: Swingarm (monocross) (1974 is not a monocross[1])
BrakesFront: Drum/Disc
Rear: Drum/Disc
TiresFront: 2.75-21
Rear: 4.10-18
DT125A front 3.00-19[1]
DT125A rear 3.25-18
Wheelbase260 mm (10 in)
DimensionsL: 865 mm (34.1 in)
W: 1,165 mm (45.9 in)
H: 1,340 mm (53 in)
Weight116 kg (256 lb) (dry)
Fuel capacity9.5 L (2.1 imp gal; 2.5 US gal)
Oil capacity0.9 L (0.95 US qt)

 There are three models of Yamaha DT125. They are Yamaha DT125 RE, Yamaha DT125 LC And also Yamaha DT125 R.

Yamaha DT125 RE

Yamaha DT 125 RE is a Dirtbike which is produced from 2004 to 2007 (some can have 2008 as the registration year).
It Has 125cc two-stroke single cylinder Engine, limited to 11 kW which makes it Ride-able and become teens with an A1 license's Favorite.

Frame and bodyworks are updated to be more durable and modern looking compared to the DT125 model.  It has the typical engine like the Yamaha DT125R, Derbi GPR 125, the Yamaha TZR125 and Yamaha TDR125.

Yamaha DT125 RE
Yamaha DT125 RE

Yamaha DT125 LC

The Yamaha DT 125LC was a Single cylinder, two stroke, liquid-cooled Enduro motorcycle produced by Yamaha in 1983. Max torque was 10.33 ft/lbs (14.0 Nm) @ 6000 RPM. Claimed horsepower was 11.94 HP (8.9 KW) @ 6500 RPM. It could reach a top speed of 74 mph.

Yamaha DT125 LC

Yamaha DT125 R

The Yamaha DT 125R was produced in 1996-97. It powered by Engine. Two stroke single cylinder 123 cc / 7.5 cu-in Engine. Bore x Stroke, 56 X 50 mm.

Yamaha DT125 R Blue
Yamaha DT125 R Blue

Yamaha DT125 Pictures


Yamaha DT125 Blue

Yamaha DT125 Blue Specification

Yamaha DT125 Video


Yamaha DT125 Gianelli Exhaust

Most of Yamaha DT 125 bike owner must be curious About the performance out of the stock spare parts so they customized it with some aftermarket parts. One of the favorite custom for Yamaha DT125 is the Exhaust from Giannelli.

Giannelli exhaust for Yamaha DT 125
Giannelli exhaust for Yamaha DT 125


There are a lot of praise to this custom Exhaust, the owners of Yamaha DT 125 mostly feel satisfied about the performance that is improved.

Yamaha DT 125 Gianelli
Yamaha DT 125 Gianelli

Yamaha DT 125 Carburetor

Yamaha DT125 using Mikuni Carburetor type VM with size 28mm (Mikuni VM24). Some owners replace the stock Mikuni VM with different size of the intake airflow like 21 mm or 24 mm.

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