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Yamaha 80cc Dirt Bike 2 Stroke

Yamaha 80cc Dirt Bike 2 Stroke

There are some Yamaha 80cc Dirt Bike Which built for the beginners who learned motorcycling. There are a few numbers of Yamaha 80cc Dirt bike on the list, and there are 2 different engine types. They are The 2-Stroke and 4-stroke Engine.

They have such different characteristics and each person has their own "Taste" for the Yamaha 80cc dirtbike. But Now, we will Going To See The List of Yamaha 80cc Dirt Bike 2 Stroke.

Yamaha PW 80

Yamaha PW80 Has 2-Stroke 80cc Engine . PW80 is kind of the advanced or upper level after Yamaha PW50.

Beside the Engine Size, The difference between Yamaha PW80 And PW50 Is in the Transmission. Yamaha PW50 Has No transmission, then Yamaha PW80 Has 3-Speed Transmission.

Yamaha PW80

PW is quite popular mini dirt bike series from Yamaha Since Yamaha PW50 Went popular which is made for the kids who want to learn Motorcycling for the very first time. And this Yamaha PW80 Was made for those kids who feel enough with Yamaha PW50 and want to upgrade into the bigger engine size.

Yamaha DT80

Even it has a Small displacement but Yamaha DT80 is Kind Of legit bike to ride. Yamaha DT80 a Dirt bike with mini size engine. It has 80cc single cylinder 2-Stroke, Gains 6.66 HP Horsepower that will bring you into a powerful yet comfortable ride.

Yamaha DT80

This bike is fit for the next level beginner, maybe teens who want to learn motorcycling for the first time. There are a lot of 50cc bikes from Yamaha With small Size engine and body, they must have weight limit If teens ride it, so This Yamaha DT80 dirt bike is kind of fit for the teens.

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