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Yamaha TTR230 Top Speed Test

Yamaha TTR 230 Top Speed


Yamaha TTR230 was one of the Small sized Dirt bike By Yamaha That made for the durability, not for the Speed so we can't hope too much for How fast does a Yamaha TTR 230 Go

Yamaha TTR Have some variants from the mini ones TTR50 until TTR600, TTR 230 can be mentioned as the mid-Size bike of this Variants. It has 230 cc Engine 4-Stroke with 6 Speed Transmission, Made for the durability to beat the dirt track like i said before.

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It has no Speed meter that can show us how powerful the Yamaha TTR230 is, But some people are curious and some owners of TTR230 Challenge the bike to get the Top speed by Measure it with GPS or any Movement sensor to get to know the Yamaha TTR 230 Top Speed.


Yamaha TTR230 Top Speed

And we have to keep in mind that top speed isn't that solid data, it can be variable because the top speed can be different from one bike to another (That now we talk about Yamaha TTR 230) There are so many factors that can improve the speed and also decreased the speed.

So let's check these tests of Yamaha TTR230 Top Speed that shown in some Videos below

Yamaha TTR230 Top Speed Test By TNT Moto


The Owner of Yamaha TTR230 Try to Challenge the Top Speed, He can reach 60 MPH That you can check in the video Below. In the beginning he thought that This TTR230 Can run around 65 to 70 MPH But the result is way slower than he expected.


Yamaha TTR230 Speed Test By Carolina Drifter Fishing


This test is nearly shown the close result with the first test, This guy reach 59 MPH For the Yamaha TTR230 Top Speed test using GPS.


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