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1994 Yamaha XJR1200

XJR1200 / 4KG type that appeared as Yamaha's big naked. Based on the FJ1200 engine for Europe, the supply / exhaust has been revised, and parts that appeal to cam covers and cylinder blocks have been newly designed. The engine is loaded on the royal road double cradle frame, and the rear suspension is luxuriously equipped with Orleans as standard.

1994 Yamaha XJR1200 Silver
1994 Yamaha XJR1200

By the way, the background of the birth of the XJR1200 was largely due to the fact that the naked boom that had begun around 1990 had spread to large vehicles due to the deregulation of large motorcycle licenses. ZEPHYR1100 and CB1000SF are on the wave So Yamaha also issued the XJR1200 as a competing horse, but it was the last one in 1994.

1994 Yamaha XJR1200

1994 Yamaha XJR1200 Japan

Rather than creating a big naked image that each of them envisioned, the team became united by aiming to create a clearly visualized big naked image. After that, run again with the whole team and repeat the adjustment. The result was a Yamaha Big Naked XJR1200 that was born without any hesitation or ambiguity.

1994 Yamaha XJR1200 red