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Yamaha XJ650 Specification

Yamaha XJ650

XJ650 SPECIAL is the first four stroke for the domestic market. This is a sibling model of the XS1100 introduced earlier. However, this is a completely different model from the XS1100. The XS1100 was the first straight four, so the first thing was toughness and quietness.
Yamaha XJ650
Yamaha XJ650

Yamaha XJ650 Specification

Especially the engine "Anyway light, anyway small" Designed with the concept.

Compact technology is scattered everywhere, such as a drive-driven machine geared directly to the crank web on the back generator. And the good handling and splendor of the handling gained by it gained a very high evaluation mainly in Europe. Yamaha has already put a lot of effort into handling since this time. By the way, there was a so-called naked XJ650E model for overseas.

A turbo model that mixes analog and high-tech that is air-cooled, cab and turbo. Unfortunately, it was not approved and was not handled in Japan.

Overall length / width / height 2165/860 / 1180mm
Seat height 750mm
Axle distance 1445mm
Body weight 203 kg (dry)
Fuel consumption rate 38.0Km / L
Fuel capacity 13.0L
engine Air-cooled 4-cycle DOHC 4-cylinder
Total displacement 653cc
Maximum output 64ps / 9000rpm
Torque 5.2kg-m / 7500rpm
transmission Always meshing 5-speed return
battery 12N12A-4A
Plug BP7ES
or W22EP
Recommended oil SAE 20W-40
Oil capacity
* Don't forget to check the gauge Total capacity 3.2L   

Yamaha XJ650 Modification

XJ650 has perfect shape like Yamaha Virago that can be shape into some cool styles like XJ650 Cafe Racer, XJ650 Scrambler, XJ650 Bobber and also some more styles. let's check each pictures of them and i'll link the articles that bring you to the certain article.

Yamaha XJ650 Cafe Racer Modification

Cafe Racer modification was Pretty famous style that build by so many custom garage. and Yamaha XJ650 was a click object for the modification.



Yamaha XJ650 Bobber Modification

So too Bobber, is one of another custom that can be applied in Yamaha XJ650. Mid size engine that belongs to XJ650 Should be Fitted with big frame and body so XJ650 may good to handle big body and wheel To get Bobber look, like the following image.


Yamaha XJ650 Scrambler

This style that can be applied on Yamaha XJ650 was lookalike Cafe racer style. and Scrambler or bratstyle was also cool to do with XJ650.