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Yamaha MT-10 Specification

Yamaha  MT-10 Specs


Yamaha MT-10 Specification

According to the concept, Yamaha MT-10 (B67) and Yamaha MT-10SP (BW8) that appeared as the Oldest MT series since MT-01.

Since it was originally R1, the traction control system, quick shifter, slipper clutch, output mode switching, and other electronically controlled equipment are standard equipment, and even a cruise control system that was not available on R1 is adopted. The position and footing have also been improved. 
Yamaha MT-10 Main specifications
Overall length / width / height 2095/800/1110mm
Seat   height 825mm
Axle   distance 1400mm
Body   weight 210kg (dress)
[212kg (dress)]
Fuel   consumption rate 14.0km / L
* WMTC mode value
Fuel   capacity 17.0L
engine Water-cooled   4-cycle DOHC 4-cylinder
Total   displacement 997cc
Maximum   output 160ps / 11500rpm
Maximum   torque 11.3kg-m / 9000rpm
transmission Always meshing   6-speed return
tire   size Front 120 / 70-17   (58W)
Rear 190 / 55-17 (75W)
battery YTZ10S

Recommended   oil Yamaha Rube   Premium Synthetic
Oil   capacity Total capacity   4.9L When
* Don't forget to check the gauge replacing   3.9L When

replacing   the filter 4.1L
Sprocket Front 16 | Rear 43
chain Size 525 | Link   114

The Yamaha MT-01 SP model added in 2017 was equipped with an electronically controlled suspension and full-color liquid crystal like the R1M, but the interesting stuff is the equipment called YRC (Yamaha Ride Control) that is loaded like the YZF-R1M.

You can set "PWR (output mode)", "TCS (traction control)", "QSS (quick shifter)", and "ERS (front and rear suspension settings)" as you like. Moreover, not only the handle switch but also the smartphone (dedicated app).

What a joke aside

"MT-10 is a naked style bike of YZF-R1"

It's boring to clean up easily, so let's dig a little deeper. As you know, the YZF-R1 CP4 engine, which is the base of the MT-10 engine, is a crossplane non-equidistant combustion engine.

The merit of the cross plane straight four is that it does not cause the inertial torque (torque wave) and secondary vibration (micro vibration) caused by the general straight four. Of course, it is easier to handle without waves of slight vibrations and torque, so it can be said that the crossplane is superior in terms of performance, but the reality is that opinions differ when it comes to sensuality.

What is the appeal of the flat plane that general lovers of in-line four think?

"If you twist the accelerator, you can feel the sprinting through it."

This is because the Yamaha MT-10 exhaust sound and slight vibration like a motor that comes from the ignition timing that is evenly spaced according to the number of revolutions occur. It is often drawn as if goose bumps were standing as soon as the engine was twisted across the manga.

That is not MT-10. That's why it's said that the engine sound feels strange, and that when you notice it, the speed is amazing.

It goes without saying that the YZF-R1 semi-racer, where speed is more important than anything else, does not need any elements that have nothing to do with shortening such time, but when it comes to street fighter who needs more fierceness than street use, the story changes.

Therefore, Yamaha not only has a major method of low-speed tuning that reduces the gear ratio by narrowing the intake and exhaust system, but also the weight (inertia) of the power part around the crank to realize "torque & agile" which is a concept common to the MT series. Moment) was also raised.

Even if you say "torque & agile" or "moment of inertia", it's Nanno Kocha. I'm sorry to the Yamaha developers, but to tell you the truth, each movement becomes heavier, so the perceived torque (torque feeling) increases. Although the actual torque also increases.

As you can see somehow, moving closer to low revs means throwing away high revs, but doing so with a crossplane has made an interesting change.
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Yamaha MT-10 Specification

Yamaha MT-10 Specification

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