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Yamaha TTR 230 Specification

Yamaha TTR230 Specs

 Yamaha TTR230 Specification

The Yamaha TT-R230 is a trail bike produced by Yamaha from 2005 to the recent day. The TTR230 is Yamaha's successor to the TTR225. The names TT, TTR and XT were used for off-road and dual-sports versions in different markets and at different times.

The TTR230 is a mid-range bike for middle-class beginners, teenagers or adults. It is mainly used for family leisure and off-road trails. It has a soft suspension, a wide seat and a high ground clearance. 

How Fast TTR230 Can Go? from the various test, the average Yamaha TTR230 can run around 75 mph. You can check the top speed test here in the bottom section of this article.

When it compares TTR230 VS Honda CRF 230, CRF230 Won in some points like the Price and features. CRF230 Has Good braking, Accessible seat height and also has a good price.

Is TTR230 2-Stroke? no, TTR230 has 230cc 4-Stroke engine. For the detailed specs will be shown in the table below.

Yamaha TTR230 Specs
Manufacturer Yamaha Motor   Company
Parent company Yamaha Corporation
Production 2005–Present
Predecessor TTR225
Class Enduro
Engine 223 cc   (13.6 cu in) 2-valve, SOHC, air-cooled, four-stroke, single
Bore / stroke 70 mm   × 58 mm (2.8 in × 2.3 in)
Compression ratio 09.50.01
Horsepower 17 hp
Transmission Constant   mesh 6-speed, wet, multiple-disc clutch, chain drive
Suspension Front:   36 mm (1.4 in) telescopic fork 240 mm (9.4 in) travel
Rear: Coil-gas spring/oil damper, 220 mm   (8.7 in) travel
Brakes Front:   220 mm (8.7 in) Hydraulic single disc
Rear: drum
Rake, trail 27°. 111 mm (4.4 in)
Wheelbase 1,385 mm (54.5 in)
Dimensions L: 2,065 mm (81.3 in)
W: 800 mm (31 in)
H: 1,180 mm (46 in)
Seat height 870 mm (34 in)
Weight 109.8 kg   (242 lb) (dry)
116 kg (256 lb) (wet)
Fuel capacity 8 L (1.8 imp gal;   2.1 US gal)
Oil capacity 1.1 L (0.24 imp gal;   0.29 US gal)

Conclusion, Here are five reasons why TTR 230 is the best in its class:

  • Reliable engine
  • Smooth and easy handling
  • Good suspension performance
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Versatile for a variety of riders and terrains.

How Much HP Does a TTR 230 have ?

There are some versions of Horsepower that gained By its 223 cc 4-stroke engine. Based on Wikipedia,  TTR230 Has 15 HP/Horsepower.
How Much HP Does a Yamaha TTR 230 have ?

But In the other forums also said the other numbers of  TTR 230 HorsePower, Like in The Thumpertalk thread. There's a person said that TTR230 Gains 15.94 HP Through Dynotest.

Yamaha TTR 230 HP/Horsepower

Other's said that TTR 230 Has 18 HP. It's from motocrosshideout.

Yamaha TTR 230 HP/Horsepower

TTR230 Reviews

I'm getting too big for this bike, standing at 6' 4'', but it's still running like a champ! By the way, I forgot to mention in my earlier reviews that this bike is a 2007 model. Some folks might assume that a bike this old would be showing its age by now. But, aside from a few minor suspension issues and a longer warm-up time, this bike still runs like a dream. Just the other day, I hit the gas in 6th gear and it took off like a rocket. Definitely not a toy!


I acquired this beauty when I needed to scale up my bike game. It's primarily used for cruising around the ranch and herding cattle. I wouldn't consider myself an expert rider, but this bike is a breeze to handle, smooth, and still packs a punch when required. The basic maintenance was also easy to manage on my own. The cherry on top was the electric start feature. This bike is dependable and reliable, even for those with less experience on two wheels.


This dirt bike is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for some fun and adventure on rough terrain. When I was in search of my first dirt bike, I had a moderate level of experience as a street rider and had never ridden on dirt before. However, the TTR230 made it easy for me to make the transition from asphalt to dirt, and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. The handling of this bike is impressive and precise, just what you'd expect from a bike of this caliber. Additionally, the suspension system was top-notch, and I had no reservations about pushing it to its limits. Overall, the TTR230 is a reliable and highly capable bike that is guaranteed to deliver a thrilling and unforgettable off-road experience.


Yamaha TTR230 Top Speed Test Video

There are many YouTube Videos about TTR230 Top Speed Test. They're Showing the different result because not all TTR230 Has similar condition. Each bike must have difference and also the riders also affects Top speed performances.

Yamaha TTR230 was one of the Small sized Dirt bike By Yamaha That made for the durability, not for the Speed so we can't hope too much for How fast does a Yamaha TTR 230 Go. 

This bike have some variants from the mini ones and TTR 230 can be mentioned as the mid-Size bike of this Variants. It has 230 cc Engine 4-Stroke with 6 Speed Transmission, Made for the durability to beat the dirt track like i said before.

It has no Speed meter that can show us how powerful the TTR230 is, But some people are curious and some owners of TTR230 Challenge the bike to get the Top speed by Measure it with GPS or any Movement sensor to get to know the TTR 230 Top Speed.

Yamaha TTR230 Top Speed

And we have to keep in mind that top speed isn't that solid data, it can be variable because the top speed can be different from one bike to another (That now we talk about TTR 230) There are so many factors that can improve the speed and also decreased the speed.

So let's check these tests of  TTR230 Top Speed that shown in some Videos below

TTR230 Top Speed Test By TNT Moto

The Owner of This TTR230 Try to Challenge the Top Speed, He can reach 60 MPH That you can check in the video Below. In the beginning he thought that This TTR230 Can run around 65 to 70 MPH But the result is way slower than he expected.


Yamaha TTR230 Speed Test By Carolina Drifter Fishing

This test is nearly shown the close result with the first test, This guy reach 59 MPH For the TTR230 Top Speed test using GPS.

How Fast Does a Yamaha TTR 230 Go

Yamaha Dirt bike fans used to ask How Fast Does a Yamaha TTR 230 Go ? Yamaha TTR 230 Literally can reach 75 mph (120,7 km/h) but that's just estimation from Manufacturers, There are so many factors that can affect the Yamaha TTR230 Top Speed.
How Fast Does a Yamaha TTR 230 Go
How Fast Does a Yamaha TTR 230 Go

Then How Fast Does A Yamaha TTR 230 Go By the people Outside there? Let's Check the top speed test of Yamaha TTR 230 from YouTube Videos. There are A lot of Speed Test that we can see as the Reference But we're Going to see some of them because they're too Many.
Here's A man in His YouTube Channel, Bryan Kelly. Testing his Yamaha TTR230 In a Short Video, He Sid That His Yamaha TTR 230 Can reach 65 mp/h. But He's also said in the description that he doesn't Recommend to ride the Yamaha TTR 230 That fast.

Next one is Kind Of Different than Bryan Kelly's TTR 230 Top Speed Test Video. A man in "1st Person Farm" YouTube Channel, test the speed of his Yamaha TTR 230 On an Off Road track. He claimed that his Dirt bike can reach about 90 km/h for the Off Road Track.

And The Last One Is quite Old, tested 8 Years ago with Yamaha 2005 Yamaha TTR 230. From "TheCollinJames" YouTube Channel, the rider said that the Dirtbike can reach around 110-115 km/h Top Speed.

Honda CRF230f vs Yamaha TTR230

Yamaha TTR230 And Honda CRF230 Are the Dirtbike which come in the similar class engine size. They are the equal choice for the 230cc dirtbike, here's the video to see each performance of Yamaha TTR230 And Honda CRF230.

Yamaha TTR 230 Carburetor Diagram


Yamaha TTR 230 Carburetor Diagram
Yamaha TTR 230 Carburetor Diagram

Yamaha TTR 230 Trail Riding


The TTR 230 is Made for Any Class of riders, but it’s best adults that are begin to dirt biking also for teenagers. It’s not a racing bike that has an outstanding speed but it has such great power and if you are a skilled rider, this Yamaha TTR 230 Dirtbike is capable of doing technical trail riding . So It's Guaranteed that you'll get an awesome experience of Yamaha TTR 230 Trail Riding.
Yamaha TTR 230 Trail Riding
Yamaha TTR 230 Trail Riding

Is TTR 230 a Good Trail Bike?

Yes It is. The Good height, Precise skill level, and reasonable performance Desire Of The Riders, Yamaha TT-R230 Dirt bike is an Extraordinary motorcycle. The Outstanding reliable and easy to ride, it is exactly Why Yamaha TTR 230 is a fun trail bike should be.

Is a TTR230 a good beginner bike?

Of Course, The Yamaha TT-R230 is a Good Bike For beginner. It's Low Noise, dependable, has such track record proves, and Yamaha TTR 230 allows room for growth as your riding improves with a few modifications.

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