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1993 Yamaha YZF750 SP-R Specification

Yamaha has traditionally been racing around the World GP with two strike machines. However, at the same time when the FZ750, the first full-fledged 4-stroke supersport, was released in 1985, the TT-F1 class that was fighting with a large remodeling machine based on the commercial 750mm supersports that was popular at that time. 

1993 Yamaha YZF750 SP-R Specification

Started full-scale entry with FZR750. Since then, the 4-stroke machine has also become a major pillar of Yamaha's racing activities. In 1987, the commercial vehicle evolved into a full cowl and more fancy FZR750, and in 1989, the race base machine FZR750R [OW-01] for privateers competing in the World Superbike Championships started in 1988. 

Appeared. OW-01, a racer-like engine that incorporates an FRP cowl, Orleans suspension, titanium connecting rod, etc., in a body that is almost the same as Works YZF, is said to be able to fight the race just by removing the safety parts It showed high performance and actually played an active part in the race for a long time.

However, in the 90s, rivals evolved rapidly, such as the emergence of Ducati in superbike racing, and the lack of combat power cannot be hidden in OW-01. Of course, Yamaha also made the next move, and in 1993, introduced the YZF750SP, a homologation model for superbike racing that replaced OW-01. The water-cooled straight 4 engine with 5-valve head is based on OW-01, but the carburetor that cannot be changed by regulation is equipped with a downdraft FCR39 cab with a throttle position sensor as standard equipment. 

Both the aluminum delta box frame and full cowl are completely redesigned based on the Works YZF. The front and rear suspensions and brakes are equipped with high-grade parts, and are also active in the race by realizing high potential close to the work racer. The YZF750R for street use, which can be used for two rides and is not equipped with an FCR, is also available as an export specification. Only 350 YZF750SPs were sold in Japan.

In 1995, YZF750SP undergoes a major minor change. The rear suspension unit has been changed to Orleans, and the link ratio has been revised to improve handling. In addition, a variable swing arm pivot is used, and the radiator is also enlarged. And until 1999, a new superbike racing homologation model, YZF-R7, appeared at the highest commercial super sports.
engine model Water-cooled 4-stroke DOHC 5-valve parallel 4-cylinder
Water Total displacement 749㏄
Inner diameter╳ Process 72╳46╳
Compression ratio 11.5
Maximum output 77PS / 9500rpm
Maximum torque 6.0㎏-m / 9000rpm
Fuel supply system Carburetor [FCRD39 ] Gearbox
type Always meshing 6-speed return Overall
length 2070㎜
Overall width 735㎜
Overall height 1155㎜
Axle distance 1420㎜
Seat height 785㎜
Dry weight 194㎏
Fuel tank capacity 19L
Tire size (front) 120 / 70ZR17
Tire size (rear) 180 / 55ZR17