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1996 Yamaha YZF1000R ThunderAce 4SV Specs

In the mid-1980s when 750㏄ super sports like racing machines became a focus of attention, liter class super sports also appeared. Yamaha debuted the FZR1000 in 1987 in addition to the FZR750, which was a successor to the FZ750 and had a full cowl like a racer. The FZR1000 has two design and body configurations like the FZR750. 
1996 Yamaha YZF1000R ThunderAce 4SV Specs
The water-cooled straight 4 engine marked a tremendous power at the time, with displacements from 989 to 135PS. However, unlike the modern liter supersports, the body was large and also equipped with tandem-oriented seats, giving it a gentle and sport-tourered personality of stability-oriented handling. With a model change in 1989, the displacement was increased and EXUP was also adopted. Improvements such as the installation of inverted forks continued in 1991, but the running was basically unchanged.

YZF1000R Thunder Ace debuted in 1995 as a new flagship model that succeeded this FZR1000. Not only has the car name changed from 1993 to 750 mm Supersport, but the delta box frame has been redesigned based on the dimensions of the YZF750. ㎜Electric front fork and newly designed swing arm. The 1002㏄ water-cooled straight 4 engine mounted on it is based on the FRZ1000, but the crank mass has been reduced by 22% and various parts have been greatly modified, the cab and EXUP have been renewed, and the maximum output has been increased to 145PS up. 
The weight of the car became lighter at 198mm and the specs became more radical, and the styling pursued aerodynamic characteristics and had excellent CdA value equivalent to YZF750R. Of course, the power performance has improved and handling has become lighter, but it is still not a racey supersport, but as a high-speed sports tourer that is comfortable and easy to handle like the FZR1000. The direct competitors at that time were CBR1100XX and ZZR1100.

Even so, Thunder Ace was the subject of many riders as Yamaha's highest peak model, but in 1998 the famous car YZF-R1 that changed the history of super sports appeared, and the highest peak I will be robbed by R1. However, in Europe and elsewhere, there was strong support as a tourer and it did not disappear from the catalog, and sales continued until 2003.

Engine model Water- cooled 4-stroke DOHC 5-valve parallel 4-cylinder
Total displacement 1002㏄
Inner diameter x Process 75.5 × 56㎜
Compression ratio 11.5: 1
Maximum output
145PS / 10000rpm Maximum torque 11㎏-m / 8500rpm
Fuel supply system carburetor [BDSR38]
transmission type constant-mesh 5-speed return
the total length 2085㎜
total width 740㎜
height 1175㎜
center distance 1430㎜
seat height 790㎜
dry weight 198㎏
fuel tank capacity 20L
tire size (front) 120 / 70ZR17
tire size ( After) 180 / 55ZR17
price at that time Export car